This is the Minutes from the April SAC meeting.

SAC Meeting Minutes


Bayshore Elementary School



Meeting Date: April 11, 2016


Members Present:  Jami Browder, Barbara Nelson, Michelle Midgett, Marisol Gonzalez, Jamie Yancey (via phone), Yohena Zarco, Whitney Bryant.


1. Topics Discussed, Tasks Assigned and Decisions Made:


  • Meeting was called to order by: Jami Browder  at 6:03
  • Jami welcomed everyone in attendance and thanked everyone for coming
  • SAC minutes were read by Barbara Nelson and approved as read. Michelle Midgett motioned to approve notes, and Whitney Bryant seconded the motion.


2. DAC Updates: Whitney Bryant



  • Meeting in March- 2 Presentations
  • First topic was about the budget and how monies are used in fundraising
  • New Schools  proposed for the East Zone:
  • One new High School
  • One new Middle School
  • 4 new Elementary schools
  • There is not enough $ to build these schools and to keep the other schools going
  • Second topic was about GLOBAL LEE –use of Chrome Books and the distribution proposals for the future.
  • 2016-2017-High Schools will receive Chrome Books
  • 2017-2018- Elementary schools are getting some form of technology.
  •  Jami will send out a Power point showing the DAC meeting notes.





  • April 20th
    • May 18th





  • 3RD and 4th graders attended for 8 weeks-2 days per week
  • Students worked with their own teachers
  • 5th grade will continue this month until FSA is over
  • 150 students attended the camp- very successful


5. What Exciting Events are planned? – Mrs. Herrell


  • April 11th-15th- FSA Testing- 3rd and 4th grades
    • April 14th- Report Card Day
    • April 18th-22nd-FSA Reading 5th Grade
    • April 22nd- Principal’s Parties- Grades 2-5
    • April 26th-27th- FSA SCIENCE -5th grade
    • April 28th- NEHS Inductions- 4th grade- 3.75 GPA
    • May 2-5th- FSA Math- 5th grade




6. Good of the Order-Jami Browder


  • Survivor Week- May 18-19-20
  • May 6th- First Math Bee- Grade 5
  • May 10th- May Madness Science for grade 5
  • Stephanie Hearld- Congratulations! Social Studies Teacher of the Year
  • Joelle Beverly- Congratulations!

    Golden Apple Teacher

  • Next year Bayshore will be a TITLE I school- this added $ to our budget
  • Mrs. Herrell has decided to use the extra monies to keep Grades 4 and 5 at lower class sizes. (20-22)
  • Another teacher will be added to grade 5
  •   5 units we currently have at grade 4 will remain.
  • K- 1-2 –will stay at 18 students


Meeting was adjourned at 6:20 PM with a motion made by Marisol Gonzalez   and Michelle Midgett   seconded the motion.


**Next meeting is May 2, 2016***