Dismissal Procedures


Due to the unavailability of adult supervision, students that arrive by personal vehicle should arrive at or after 7:30AM in the morning.

Please follow the traffic laws when using the roads adjacent to our school. Driving down the wrong side of the road is illegal and may cause an accident.

Use the parent drop off lane located at the front of the building if you drive your child to school in the morning or pick up in the afternoon. The parking lot should only be used if you are walking your child directly to the classroom in the morning. For the safety of all children you may not drop your child off in the parking lot.

If you are walking your child to their classroom in the morning on a regular basis, it will be necessary for you to have a hanging car tag. You will need to show this to the staff member at our entrance in the morning. The car tag is needed to identify you as a parent at our school and to utilize the car rider loop.

Please remember teachers are responsible for the supervision of their students beginning promptly at 7:30AM each day. Although we welcome you to walk your child to the classroom in the morning, this is not the appropriate time to meet with the teacher. We ask that you schedule a conference to address concerns about your child. In addition there are some conversations that are not appropriate for other children to hear.

In the afternoon there are three areas that will be utilized:
*Car Loop for those students who will be going home in a personal vehicle
*Bus Ramp
*Parent Pick Up Gate for those students whose parents wish to walk with them to their vehicle. (The Parent Pick Up Gate is located just outside the P.E. Pavilion.) 

Parents will need their car tag to identify them as a parent at our school.
All students will be dismissed at 2:10PM.